What a nightmare. For a month now, I’ve been struggling (from time to time and definitely not full-time) to figure out how to overcome this nasty error. Sadly the StackOverflow options didn’t really cut it for me.

Here were my symptoms:

  • visitors to the site were presented with a 404 error.
  • I could login to the backend.
  • I continued to get the email response reports from various cron jobs I’ve got running in the background.
  • FTP based permissions of the index.php file were ‘000’.
  • I could not change the permissions of this file using my ftp client.

Solution: Fortunately, a client of mine is running his website using WordPress and the same template. The working index.php had permissions of 644, which is pretty much what I would expect. I changed the name of my index.php to old-index.php and copied the working index.php into my folder. I deleted the old-index.php and tested the site РPerfect!

Edit – 10.26.16 – As it turns out, this was a symptom of nanny service management. ”¬†Yeah, your website is consuming resources, so we’re gonna shut it down. Ok?

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