Further to other recent posts, I have converted the proceeds from the sale of the Mac Mini Server and 16 GB WiFi iPad Mini, into a shiny new, 128 GB, space gray iPad Pro.

I was determined to stop the recurring nightmare that began with my iPad 2 purchase in 2011. I bought that device with the new-fangled ‘smart cover.’ Fanboys might recall the original iPad was complemented with a black case. The smart cover introduced a magnet at the hinge which allowed a more easily fan-folded-style glass cover. I bought one of these too.

Then the nightmares began. I had a slo-mo video play in my head, again and again. It was the closeup of my iPad falling through the air with the cover flapping behind it as gravity did its thing. Again, slo-mo please. Then my open hand rushes downwards faster than the iPad is falling to grab the cover. Of course the cover remains in my hand while the iPad continues its downward trajectory to the floor. Sigh. The iPad never gets to actually touch the floor in this nightmare, only to start the video loop, from four feet elevation, again. And again.

So, with the iPad 2, I returned the case and instead purchased a rubber case (not a cover) by Speck.  My mother has it and the iPad 2 now, still going strong.

With the new iPad Pro, I bought the smart cover and put the bad boy in a 13″ MacBook Air soft case sleeve with a big elastic to close the case. Looks great, but still easy to carry around and use.

I didn’t get the new Apple Pencil or the rubber keyboard. Tapping on the glass is a skill I developed the hard way when an employee of the Apple Store (~1000 days, October 2011 – July 2014). I got pretty fast at typing “The customer states that”, which is how the statement of the customer’s technical issue (for a ‘concierge’ report) is supposed to begin.

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