blogs-smallcompaniesBlogs are an amazing phenomenon at enabling new businesses and forms of personal expression stimulating the commentary arts. In fact, most TV news commentators generally refer to the ‘blogosphere’ in a somewhat derogatory way, particularly as they comment faster and gain more attention than what paid journalists are able to on most network television public affairs shows.

In business, blogs are a great tool for companies to improve communications, demonstrate thought leadership and promote the firms position on strategic issues. In this way, small companies can use the Internet to tap into the currents of public opinion very, very inexpensively and perhaps contribute to the public discourse. Unlike big advertising or public relations budgets, blogs can be implemented for the monthly price of a hamburger. In this way, the Internet has been a kind of marketing multiplier – it can make things that are in fact very small, appear to be very large indeed.

That’s the power of a well executed and well supported small business web presence, and that’s part of the power of a small company’s adoption of blogs. Well thought-out commentary on industry regulations, market research results, the latest product introductions of competitors, views on the consolidation of the industry or lack of it, union wages, customer quality and the like are of interest to customers and partners, and are of interest to employees.

This report reviews the blog perspectives of 108 employees of small companies and offers insights on priorities. plans and consumption.

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