An earlier blog entry discussed the context of audio quality and room acoustics. Similarly the lighting balance between the capabilities of the cameraand the lighting in the room need to be measured and tuned to optimizethe visibility of the meeting participants.

Lighting placement – how to light the faces of the participants – and relative intensities of the light generating equipment (monitors give off light too). This can affect the comfort levels in the room, particularly if there is insufficient cooling in the room.

curvedtableFurniture matters since it can be used to position the participants allowing fixed camera settings and fixed lighting and even fixed microphones and speaker placements. Tables that are too big force the participants far from the camera and the monitors.

Ideally the table should be the length of the monitor wall and about 3 feet in width. Curvy tables can give the impression that users are part of the same 'ring' and thereby help with presenting a collaborative work environment. 

Wall coverings matter too. Ivory and the light brown 'tobacco' colorings are preferred since they make the people sitting in front less bleached-looking. Low gloss paint is recommended.

The placement of microphones are important too. 

Lighting placement matters.


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