Some big developments in the personal software development front have unfolded in just the past few days.

My employer has a Career Experience program where employees in the Retail division are sent to Corporate to work on projects where their skill and experience will create value. Typical assignments last for a few months and involve creative software development, user testing, retail operations and the like. Well, I’ve applied and have been accepted for a Career Experience in Cupertino CA for five months to focus on iOS software development for one or more proprietary apps. The software used in the stores are a huge competitive advantage for the company and help keep the retail environment a smooth running machine. 

I’m pretty jazzed about the assignment and what it may mean to me in the future (opens many possibilities). In the meantime, my local church community will be affected, but hopefully in a positive way, by reminding us all that change is a good thing and to help us appreciate each other more.

My family is supportive too. I plan to fly back and forth at least once a month and hopefully my wife will fly to CA once a month or so too so we can hang out on weekends. We all recognize that we’re not going to be making any money this summer since whatever we make will be spent on airfares. This is a career development initiative that I welcome. 

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