The first conference session of the day was an in-depth panel discussion about how Android drives margins OUT of consumer electronics. Participants included:

  • Alex Barkaloff, Executive Producer, Digital Media,
  • Mike Breslin, VP Marketing, Glu
  • Darren Cross, Head of Business Development, Fandango/Comcast Interactive Media
  • Kelly Dempski, Director for Research, Accenture Technology Labs
  • David Frerichs, Strategic Consultant, Pioneer Electronics
  • Howard Tiersky, President, Moving Interactive, Inc.
  • Junbaio Zhang, Vice President, Head of Media Tablet Businesss, Connect Division, Technicolor

Well moderated, the session covered lots of topics including development show of hands. Most developing iOS, Android and then huge drop off for BlackBerry, Windows and Palm.

Frerichs was the most outspoken about html5 and the risk to well established CE firms like Panasonic whose legacy in the industry is quickly becoming irrelevant, despite the scale of research, development and channels.

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