Now I have seen everything.

The English edition of the People's Daily News reports that the Chinese Internet Society is building a black list of IP addresses of spammers and so far has 100,000 addresses on the list. They have sent nasty letters to the owners of 934 other addresses warning them that they need to cease and desist or else they'll be posted too.

The service includes a white list of legitimate email services in the hopes of spurring the development of that service business in China.

I have received Chinese language spam in my business account at one of my previous employers. As VP Business Development and Sales at the time, I thought it would be important to make sure every legitimate sales opportunity was identified and not inadvertently or out of hand, trashed. So, I forwarded the message to a coworker of Chinese descent and asked him if this was spam or a sales opportunity. He replied 'it is spam.' So I trashed it.

Later that day, when both he and I were waiting for a meeting to start, I thanked him for his analysis and asked him to explain to me about why it was a spam message. He very carefully explained that it was the reference to the 'magical experience by girls' that made up his mind that was what it was. Pretty far from mobile VoIP software I would say!


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