In a showcase of industry significance, SIPquest and Cisco make a WiFi call go Cellular.

Start something, and then have it morph into something else is a lot easier said than done… and to do this without skipping a beat is a huge achievement.

Fixed Mobile Convergence was proven real, with great form at the Cisco Worldwide Analyst Conference in San Jose this past week. Cisco demonstrated a live WiFi call that went through a seamless handoff to a cellular network. The complexity of execution is very high, and the demands on the network endpoint is pretty high too. Cisco took care of the network-dialogs, while SIPquest took care of the Mobile Console dialog.

History of Fixed Mobile Convergence will probably flag this as a major achievement. Congratulations to the superb technologists who made this a reality.

This post was written when I was SVP of Sales and Marketing for SIPquest, later FirstHand and now Counterpath.

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