ciscologoI guess us industry analysts have to attend these keynotes so you don't have to.

Just as I was walking back into this session after an underwhelming presentation by Kevin Kennedy of Avaya, I chatted with Nick Lippis who warned me that this was going to be a 'content-free' presentation, and he was right. With a self-serving format of Cisco-bragging, "we do things this way…" and arrogant video clips from Nobel Prize winning, former vice-president and losing presidential candidate Padmasree Warrior provided zero meaningful new or interesting content.

The presentation was a demo of Cisco developments involving a 3D representation of search results, with voice recognition (lame), presence indication and profile presentation including telepresence capabilties with language translation, recording studio using the OEM'd RADvision capabiliities and playback on PCs and Nokia mobile phones, conducted by Sean Curtis. He also presented the newly acquired MinoHD digital camcorder which didn't really fit with the demo scenario or the Cisco value proposition.

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