Surely saving communications is only the beginning. We will have to sort through and analyze these messages.

OK, so your company now saves every email, IM, voicemail, data conference, video conference, data conference and even select audio interactions in the call center.

All these media are formated in many different ways that in some cases are nothing more than compressed audio streams. However, company compliance departments need to be able to perform select services such that:

  • Compliance departments can proactively process billions of messages that can be scanned for 'high risk' words. Words that are spoken or written in sequence or proximity that are of interest to forensic specialists. Some of this technology has been optimized for the National Security Agency (which records and analyzes phone calls and written international electronic communications). The idea is to use algorithms to analyze all the messages of the day and present only those that are high risk 'defects' for consideration by humans.
  • When faced with a subpoena to surrender correspondence including email, or participating in a Department of Justice investigation of a merger or acquisition, it is  important to be able to quickly sort through billions of emails. Most companies are so ill-prepared for this eventuality that it may be cheaper to settle out of court than to comply.

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