Steve Wylie announced that there will be an Enterprise 2.0 Conference in San Francisco in the fall 2009, and that the 2010 spring Enterprise 2.0 will be moving to a larger venue in Boston.

The excellent presentation by Franklin-Hodge was followed by a rather fluffy presentation by professor Matthew Fraser. Pretty much content-free.

Lunchtime was much more interesting. Sat next to a young man who was the iPhone application development manager for Genentech, the global bio-tech firm with HQ, or at least a big presence in the Boston area. Several thousand iPhone users are getting excellent application support in three key areas:

  • Corporate directory – using both online/offline technologies including personnel photos and position in organization hierarchy – previous research by Brockmann & Company shows directory as being the most important mobile communication application for mobile employees.
  • Corporate approval application – reducing the number of screens in important enterprise applications (like SAP) requiring approvals and making approvals fast and more convenient than using the PC in front of them (most users just pull out their iPhone to approve things).
  • Find a Room – using the GPS defined location, the closest and appropriately available conference room is indicated and booked on user-acceptance.

This discussion during lunchtime was the highlight of the day.

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