While at VoiceCon, my first meeting was with my friend Frank Puglia, PR Director for Ericsson USA. Frank and I were peers at 3Com in 2004/5. Ericsson, the big wireline and wireless carrier company has announced an Enterprise Mobility Gateway solution that introduces call routing / notification for smartphones just like the other capabilities from other enterprise platform players.

The three differentials for the Ericsson solution is:

a. works with any PBX or IP PBX, not just the MD110.
b. incorporates least cost routing logic that exploits intelligence on mobile operator billing.
c. outbound call initiation that enables a fast and elegant user experience.

The solution, available in August, is the first PBX-independent solution from a major equipment manufacturer. Ericsson's share of the US enterprise market has never been particularly large, which is something that Gary May, the Director of Channel Sales, plans to rectify. 

Channel will be the big thing to make this solution gain or not gain traction in the market. The charts are compelling.

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