Erika Brockmann completed her BA in psychology and later pursued graduate studies in gender, political science and democracy studies. She was a member of the Bolivian national parliament between 1997 and 2005 as a member of the Revolutionary Left Movement (Social Democrat). She was the fourth woman senator ever in Bolivia history, presiding over the Senate Commission for Decentralization and Local Development for five years. She was responsible for proposing and sponsoring important legislative initiatives in municipal, territorial and gender equality issues.

Erika currently forms part of the National Democratic Institute’s international team of master trainers, participates in the PRISMA Institute Council, is a Spanish-language syndicated columnist, serves as a consultant and facilitator for inter-party political strengthening processes and is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences. She is the founder of the Gregoria Apaza Promotion Center and the National Political Women’s Forum and is member of the Women’s Coordinator. Ms Brockmann has also been recognized, along with others, for her 25-year contribution to building democracy, for which she earned a medal of democratic merit from the University Mayor de San Andrés.

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