Even though Brockmann & Company research shows that the frequency and length of audio conference calls and web conferences with audio are growing the price per minute continues to fall. Is it competition? Is it technology generational changes? What's the driver?

The Wall Street Journal's Dionne Searcey gets it in a page 1 article on October 4, 2007: Calling Riceville: How 2 guys' Iowa connection took big telecom's for a ride (subscription required). In this story Dionne tells about the history of Freeconferencecall.com and its founder, David Erikson of Long Beach CA. I've met David before. He and I spoke at Voicecon in Orlando earlier this year as he was contemplating entry into the enterprise conferencing services market. He has enterprise customers (Salvation Army) and a few others. Even then, David positioned himself as the reluctant entrepreneur who always strove to generate his revenues from the value added conferencing management and media services. Features like operator assistance, recording, toll free dialin or web conferencing add-ins.

This blog covered in May the illegal actions by AT&T and our reports have reviewed some 460 conferencing users' expectations for growth in frequency and average length.


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