fall2008Here in New England the fall season is among us. The trees are all manner of red and gold. The nights are clear and downright cold. The neighborhood signs are out and about – vote Yes on this, No on that, McCain, Obama…and the stores are full of Halloween items – costumes, brooms and candies.

At certain times of the day, the sun is so low in the horizon for so long in the mornings and in the afternoons that squinting while driving is commonplace. And, everyone is out with thicker and thicker coats. Don’t we change back to Standard Time soon?Markets have seasons too. Vendors time their product releases to coincide with major industry conferences and work hard to ‘be the buzz.’ In the visual communications market, it is also the time to show off the latest product innovations and enhancements as the echo to the mid-year INFOCOM dealer show. Over the next week or so, this blog will report on the latest portfolio updates at least for:

  • Polycom
  • LifeSize

Am I missing any? Let me know.


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