t-mobile-logoMy T-Mobile bill came in the mail last week, which gives me a rare window into the communications habits of other characters and their lifestyles. Very interesting to say the least. No outrageous downloads or strange fees this time. Just usage. 

As you may expect, since we're all on the family plan, calls between T-mobile subscribers are free, and not included in this analysis. Also, note that since we are an all-mobile business and family, some calls to friends and family that would normally bear huge international calling fees are instead dialed using Skype. Some business calls are processed that way too.

Family Member Description
Call Minutes %
SMS received or sent %
Analyst, consultant and blogger  44.0% 1.3%
College sophomore male, sports journalism major 6.0% 50.0%
Matriarch 14.5% 0.7%
High school senior male, math/engineering aspirant 9.4% 16.5%
College senior female, music management major 25.5% 31.4%

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