* the Apple WorldWide Developer Conference lottery.

Members of the Apple Developer programs are invited to attend the annual WWDC held in San Francisco every June. Last year, Apple put the tickets on sale at 8 am EDT on a first come, first served basis which were sold out in something like 10 minutes. The developer members on the West Coast didn’t have a chance. I didn’t get invited because I didn’t apply last year (I was preoccupied in Cupertino at the time), but this year, I did.

This year, because of the extraordinary demand for participation in previous years, potential attendees were invited to submit their names and then a random drawing, or lottery, was conducted. I won an invitation.

This is really cool too. I was so excited, I told my wife that we had to go out and buy MA lottery tickets, which we did, but they didn’t come through like the Apple Lottery.

A few days later, I’ve paid for the WWDC, booked the time off work, arranged flights on travel points (yeah, American AAdvantage card) and secured a hotel room only 0.6 miles from Moscone West. 

Things I hope to accomplish:

  • Get much more skilled in the use of Xcode debugging tools
  • Become aware of better architecture and design practices
  • Develop more personal productivity


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