internettrafficforecastIt's good enough for a Jeopardy question in 2010. I'll take Communications for $200 Alex.

A. A decade ago it was email. Today it's video.

Q. What's the biggest app on the Internet?

The online video culture that has been building since the creation of websites such as, and then the IP Video on Demand services from Verizon and AT&T.

HD video conferencing promoted by LifeSize, TANDBERG, Polycoom, Cisco and HP is not factored into the Cisco-developed forecast.

For consumers, the Internet video application will be the driving force behind the growth of Internet traffic from a mere 10,000 [[petabyte]]s per month in 2008 to nearly 45,000 PBytes by 2012 as shown in this pic from the Wall Street Journal (sub. required).

Cisco estimates that the large file sizes and stream-intensity of video files and PC web video communications will be the main drivers. 


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