Of coure we were going to hear about all the flaws for the iPhone – bugs, hacks, limitations, locked services. I learned many, many years ago that buying first releases causes joy and pain, and the iPhone is no exception…

Not only did Joe Brockmann (not related) be the first to get an iPhone in Eugene, Oregon, but the product causes the Duke University Cisco WLAN infrastructure to restart – from anywheres from 12-30 APs at a time. 

Here's the report from PCWorld. Apparently, the iPhone can flood an AP (and many closeby) with Address Resolution Protocol address requests for destinations that it already knows.

Let's not wait until the kids get back to college!

Addendum – July 24, 2007 –

It seems it was Cisco's flaw afterall. Even still, Cisco is all 'lips are sealed' as to the bug and the fix. Silence is no way to assure security.

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