economist_logoI stumbled across an article on the questioning whether the green technology boom was over?

I couldn’t help myself – I had to respond thusly:

You bet it’s over. Green technology is a subsidy-fest that distorted the market for the products and services of these companies. It should come as no surprise that when the financier of these distortions (Congress and the EU governments) stagger under the crushing debt loads used to fund more politically relevant spoiled children such as Greek pharmacists and unionized teachers, greeners are the first off and under the bus.

Of course, Kyoto ought to die a quick and painless death, but sadly, there’s too much money in it already so we’ll have to live with Kyoto neuter for some time. Hopefully the Lieberman-Kerry Cap and Tax bill will stay dead and America won’t be sucked into the vortex of lies and deceipts that duped so many of our allies abroad. Counting on green technology to create the jobs America needs right now is like letting off a firecracking hoping to shift the orbit of the planet.

It’s not that I detest green technologies. I detest the market distortive subsidies and tax credits and special interest-driven games that the supporters of and the investors in these technologies count on. In fact, they wouldn’t invest, and we wouldn’t buy them without these subsidies in place. They are such a waste of effort, with very little redeeming or sustainable value to society in the short or long run.

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