Annoying trouble with my brand spanking new, seriously powered, 16 GB-filled, 512 GB solid state drive, 15″ of glory display, MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Attempted to migrate data from my 13″ MacBook Pro (mid 2012) as part of the first time startup sequence, but because I had already updated the 13″ MacBook Pro to Mavericks 10.9.1 the data could not be migrated until I had similarly updated the MacBook Pro with Retina to the same or higher (there is no higher at the moment). 

So, I created a test user account (Apple) and completed the software update that way. Then, I started up Migration Assistant on both Macs and allowed the process to continue. Once complete (next morning), I began to test my services and discovered major folders missing from the ON MY MAC section of Apple Mail. I tried to reinstall from an old backup – no luck. I tried to check My Accounts in the system preferences, but nothing there but disappointment. Then, I successfully added my personal mail account ( runs on a MacMini Server doing 10.8.5), but every time I tried to add my Yahoo! account – it would not complete and worse, it would not complete but not say that it had not completed. Really annoying to say the least.

After band rehearsal and lunch, I called AppleCare and spoke to three people in turn. One to point out that I needed to speak to a technician. Two to discover the issue was not as simple as it sounded, and three, to get to the ‘senior advisor,’ based in Boise ID. This dude had me create a new user account on the MacBook Pro with Retina, change permissions on all of the user folders (Desktop, Downloads, Pictures, Movies, Music, Documents) and then drag their contents to the newly created user account. Then we specifically copied content from the ~user/Library/Mail folder to the same place in the new account. Fixed permissions globally in the Recovery Partition and voilĂ !

This new account also had the correct multi-Finder toolbar – the old one would only retain the finder on one display, despite having the Retina and two Thunderbolt displays. 

Then, I deleted the old account.

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