iphone_galleryphotos_20070622Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reported on March 13, 2009 that Apple is offering a sneak preview of the latest OS update for iPhone among widespread (reportedly) speculation that Apple plans a major iPhone release this summer. 

{shadowboxwtw2}Maybe the new release will support apps running in the background like instant messaging and multimedia messaging (send photos and videos to other mobile phone users)?{/shadowboxwtw2} Apparently, Apple has shipped 17 million iPhones, and users have downloaded more than 500 million apps for the iPhone from the AppStore. Revenues have grown from $241 million in December 2007 to $1,200 million by December 2008. Despite this success, sales of the iPhone have been slowing as the market for smart phones suffers from this global recession. So, releasing a new iPhone makes sense to stimulate the category. 


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