I've been working on how to define the voice of our company and articulate our offerings in simple ways. Part of that cycle is the joy of being a founder of a new enterprise and do the hard work to create the product, the product category and 'follow the money,' tuning the business plan as we go.

I've realized that there are two basic reports that Brockmann & Company writes. 

  • Benchmark reports – these are yardstick reports that explain how users compare and why investments in some technologies pays off better than others.
  • Spotlight reports – trends, perspectives, issues and analysis. These reports tend to be more logic-based and provide a framework for delivering a fresh view on a topic. Sometimes Spotlight reports will preceed a Benchmark report by articulating the boundaries of the space and demonstrating corporate knowledge of the technology market to be benchmarked. 

Examples of  Benchmark reports include The Problem with Email and the upcoming report on video conferencing. Examples of Spotlight reports include Where will UC Take Us? and Hardware-as-a-Service.

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