It’s a new site and a new day. 

I’ve just upgraded to a new template and a new rev of the Joomla open source CMS. This rev is cleaner, more secure and packed with cool new web scripting features that I am only going to begin to explore in the next few weeks. 

The need for a site refresh came down to recognizing two big issues:

  1. I’m not going to be reviving’s previous business model anytime soon.
  2. The aging infrastructure was slowly becoming a security risk, as other sites that I work with had been hacked in recent weeks. 

So, without too much fore-planning, I bit the bullet and implemented a migration using the JUPDATE component. This elegant method installs an up-to-date Joomla distribution into the jupgrade folder and copies the configuration.php file which contains all the database access methods and details. So, I can implement the new site using the same database as before without having to do any complex backups and restores. Actually, it is recommended to do the backups, but with this migration method, you don’t have to suffer so much anxiety or pain. You simply drag the joomla folders and files from the old site into the oldsite folder and then drag the files/folders from the jupgrade folder into the root folder. All should work perfectly when file transfers are complete. 

It did help a great deal by getting aquainted with the modules and templates using my client websites, who were migrated to the latest rev first. Once they were handily handled, it was a proverbial piece-of-cake to migrate my own site. Check it out and let me know if you find any broken links…

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