pmguidemobuc50 pages, 83 graphs, 7.4 Mbytes.

This report provides the detailed perspective on 39 features, 11 system attributes and 6-month plans for devices. 349 participants in the Brockmann & Company Mobile panel from around the world participated.

For most product managers the challenge of roadmap management and prioritization can be a lonely task because almost certainly some segments won’t get addressed as quickly as some folks think they should and other features can’t be developed as fast as other folks think they should.

This 50-page detailed PDF report is a powerful resource for the mobile UC product manager. It is designed to help mobile UC product managers in several ways by providing facts they can use to make decisions about markets they can address, about products they need to develop and about features they need to have in what timeframes.

The Product Manager’s Guide to Mobile UC is based on the Mobile panel, a study of the mobile communications practices and experiences of 349 members of the Brockmann & Company business user research panel. Margin of Error is +/- 5.2%. The Mobile panel includes representatives from organizations with less than 100 employees (35%), organizations with 101-1,000 employees (24%) and organizations with more than 1,000 employees (41%). The Mobile panel represented a global perspective in that 56% were from the USA, Canada or Mexico, 26% from Europe, Middle East and Africa and 14% from Asia-Pacific. 4% were from South and Central America and the Caribbean.

Key aspects of this report include:

  • The relative importance of 39 features. Product managers can use this as input to their feature roadmap to determine which ones are the key features and which ones are less important.
  • The relative importance of 39 features for firms with less than 100 employees. In many markets the needs of small organizations are different than larger organizations.
  • The Mobile panel’s views on 11 system-wide features including the relative importance of reliability, price and channel to market.
  • The Mobile panel’s priorities and plans for new devices in the next six months, overall, by organization size segmentation and by regions.

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