brockmann_tpx_rm-aToday, on the opening day of the Polycom Users Group meeting in Anaheim CA,  Polycom introduced their latest Telepresence Experience room system offering, called the TPX HD306M. The $199,999 price tag includes all the furniture, a handsome cabinet for the 3 x 60 inch monitors, the electronics, ceiling-suspended microphones, a control console that is the same as used in the RPX, directional audio to make the audio from remote sites appear to come from the person speaking from that site, three EagleEye cameras fixed to show the six participants in the room and interoperability with standard definition video conferencing and RPX telepresence.

This complements the recently announced executive HD system and the RPX offerings already in the market. Polycom expects this new product to be shipping next month, and to play a big role in greatly expanding the market for telepresence systems.

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