Europeans prefer face-to-face meetings compared to rest of the world

January 15, 2008, Northborough MA – Brockmann and Company the customer insight firm released its latest report, on the practices and experiences of conferencing users in European, Middle Eastern and African countries. The report entitled Conferencing in EMEA 2008 shows that users from EMEA prefer face-to-face meetings.


Peter Brockmann, president of Brockmann and Company said, "Users from these countries are willing to pay only $71.92 to attend a video conference instead of traveling 40 miles (or 60 km) to attend a face-to-face meeting. The rest of the world would pay 40% more. This gap in value occurs because the costs of alternatives are lower – European inter-city travel is typically shorter and more pleasant and productive than in the USA, for example. Also because the costs of conferencing have been high."

Brockmann & Company have published over a dozen reports on the business conferencing experience including The Perfect Storm: Why Video Conferencing Will Dominate Business Communications. Interested users and IT analysts are invited to register and view the content now.

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