coffeeI've written about before. In about as much time as it takes to drink a coffee, you can register there, rate one vendor's product and earn a $5 coffee gift card. (For a limited time, restrictions may apply, check the website for details).

Promo code: WDMLAQTM

As I understand it, the promotion only works if you use the special Brockmann promo code. Enjoy.

I like VendorRate because it's highly controlled feedback (you have to use your company email address), it aggregates vendor and product specific customer insights and so it is perfectly aligned with the Brockmann & Company philosophy of research into the user experience.

Brockmann & Company provides customer insights at the application category consumption level, while VendorRate provides the vendor-specific feedback. Rick has also standardized the analysis around 10 specific attributes, so it's not about the performance of the box, the code, but it's the performance of the entire bundle of value. 

 I hope to rely on your feedback and vendor ratings to prepare specific vendor-class analysis.

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