psytechnicsPushing the yardstick forward on the great quality march, the brilliant folks at Psytechnics earned another endorsement from the largest realtime application vendor for large organizations – IBM Lotus Sametime. Sametime has more marketshare than Microsoft Office Communicator, and is particularly well entrenched in large organizations. To complement their existing, well-established Microsoft relationship and the IBM Global Services use of the Psytechnics implementation to proactively monitor and manage advanced IP networks used in realtime video and voice over IP services, the Sametime team endorses the use of Psytechnics solutions to manage the quality of experience for users.

Interactions with the Sametime Unified Telephony abstraction layer are measurable and reportable within the Psytechnics operational architecture and was announced here in Florida at VoiceCon Orlando, April 1, 2009.

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