I heard a rumor that Nortel may purchase Siemens Enterprise.

Of course, it’s totally unsubstantiated, but not entirely illogical.

Before the announcement of the Siemens – Nokia carrier division coupling, it was well known that the entire communications unit was for sale. At the time of the carrier division deal , it was stated to the effect that ‘the enterprise division will be sold imminently.’ Now that was back in June 2006. Now it’s September and no announcement.

Everybody knows that Nortel is on the move. With a new CEO, the disposal cash from its sale of the UMTS business to Alcatel, and its newly announced relationship with Microsoft, it’s entirely likely that doubling down on Enterprise telephony assets outside of North America are going to be key to making the Micro-tel project a truly global initiative.

Siemens Enterprise, as I understand the business includes the assets of the IBM-Rolm division (acquired by IBM in 1984 and then sold to Siemens in 1990) and various Siemens HiPath products marketed in Europe and South America in particular. The Siemens Business Services group may or may not be included, but in my view, they would not be part of the Nortel program for long. I bet if Nortel had to acquire a services operation, they’d sell it to Platinum Equity (the ultimate acquirers of Wiltel, Telex and other break-fix specialists).

What do you think?

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