Today is a wonderful day.

It’s been a busy weekend. My wife Anne is on her way back from a weekend trip to London Ontario and I’ve been nursing my nasty cough/cold/congestion all weekend. Worked at the store yesterday and came home to bed, in preparation for my official day of liquid diet (fast from solid food). So far, it’s been pretty uneventful:

  • Alarm at 6:45 am (usual).
  • Roll out of bed at 10:14 am. (unusual). Did I really sleep in?
  • FaceTime with my mother at 10:42 am (unusual, but welcome).
  • Learned about Margaret Thatcher’s death at 10:45 am.
  • Drank glass of apple juice (no sugar added).
  • Read the Wall Street Journal on the iPad (North Korea is all over the news)
  • Read email
  • Played piano
  • Added a menu item on
  • Wrote this blog post at 11:45 am

My plan for the rest of the day will be to add tweeting to the site, convert a list on paper into an *.numbers file and implement a template for the upcoming new site.

I’m feeling a lot ‘stronger’ career-wise these days. I think over the last three years, the recession has gotten me all confused and frustrated with the state of the economy and the nature of my role in the economy. But, with the extra time spent in getting the site updated (for security and performance reasons), I’ve realized that I do have an inner voice and that voice is only now speaking out after being quiet for so long. So although writing more than one post a week may have been quite rare for me considering the past two or three years (that would be about ten posts in 1000 days!), I’m optimistic that I can keep it up and contribute to a better world in this small way. I hope to write about things of interest to me and observations in my daily life.

Tomorrow is colonoscopy day.  

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