Will viruses, denial of service attack and eavesdropping – be the most severe threats in a converged environment?

Body: Earlier today, I did a search on Google.com to gauge the 'buzz' in the industry on these topics.

Here's a table of results:
virus – 74,600,000 pages
spam – 55,400,000 pages
distributed denial of service – 1,260,000 pages
toll fraud – 1,550,000 pages
eavesdropping – 613,000 pages

But, when you compare the buzz of these issues and include 'IP-PBX' you get a sense of the relative weights within the IP PBX community:

virus – 89,200 pages
spam – 68,800 pages
distributed denial of service – 7,650 pages
toll fraud – 8,440 pages
eavesdropping – 4,670 pages

These are generally a tiny fraction of the total buzz within Google, which in this mode, acts as a proxy for the industry. Clearly, as in the general IT industry, spam and virus concerns rank very, very high. These issues basically dwarf the other security challenges considered.

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