skype-sipWith the goal to integrate the Skype service with the growing enterprise deployment of SIP and SIP PBXs, Skype has been marketing a gateway interface called Skype for SIP and certifying interoperability with leading vendors.

To date, Skype for SIP has been certified for Asterisk, ShoreTel and now SIPFoundry’s sipXecs.

Organizations desiring to sign up for the Skype for SIP beta need to commit to a monthly fee (incoming Skype calls are free) based on the number of ‘channels’ which are concurrent Skype calls. Prices range from €19.95 (+VAT) per month for 1 or 2 channels to €4.95 for 30 or more to a maximum of 300 channels per SIP profile. Outbound calls to the PSTN or mobile operators are billed at the normal Skype rates.

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