mob20_1107507641As if email spam wasn’t annoying enough, mobile phone spam seems to be making a rise.  The spam, which comes in a text message that was usually sent from the Internet, is even more aggravating because you have to pay for the text message. 

Fortunately, there is hope for those suffering from mobile phone spam:


  • If you are an AT&T user, you can log in at where you can block all messages coming from the Internet.
  • If you are with Verizon, you can go to and chose to block text messages coming from email.
  • T-Mobile users can choose to block email texts and specific numbers at under support
  • Sprint users can block numbers at

If you know where the text spam is coming from, you can always try telling the sender to stop sending it. In any case, mobile spam is just irritating, but it isn’t too hard to block.


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