iphone_galleryphotos_20070622 Can't you just smell the excitement?

This is the most anticipated new product since Windows95. I remember observing the launch of that product – people bought the software without owning a computer! That was a big launch. Ah the good ol' days…

The iPhone may not be as big as the Windows95, or as global as Windows95, but the level of anticipation in the US certainly seems to be the same fever pitched level. I understand that the product goes on sale at 6 pm on Friday, June 29th until midnight in both AT&T stores and Apple stores.

Earlier today, in an incredible display of coordinated PR the arch-enemies of The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times issued simultaneous reviews of the product! Walt Mossberg and David Pogue indeed wrote eloquently about the functionality and the features.

My favorite feature is the track-screen. Being able to flick a finger and scroll through web pages, contacts, email and more is cool for sure. That feature alone is worth $500. Ok, maybe $100.

And to catch the wave, T-Mobile is launching it's UMA service the same day, while Sprint is completing the brand transition from Sprint-Nextel to just plain Sprint . Ah, to be a marketer is to be a good thing. Oh, and VerizonWireless will keep their stores and outlets open until 9 pm, to sell their iPhone-equivalent products.


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