Two Wall Street Journal video clips struck me pretty hard today.

The upcoming US election is polarizing the debate around the energy versus environmentalism debate.

Here's a clip on being green by any means, where Kelsey Hubbard interviews Dan Henniger, a WSJ columnist. Dan comments on how Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed virtually shut down Congress to avoid a vote on drilling and begs the question about how much GDP will we sacrifice to preserve our environment. Dan calls the Democrat perspective 'enviromania' and says the radical view that we must bite bullets and suffer now, is irresponsible. Instead we should try to balance economic and environmental interests and do so over time.

Here's another one on Senator Obama's Energy Plan, with Stephen Moore, the senior economics writer. The plan, which apparently is right from the pages of the Sierra Club or the World Wildlife Federation, diverts huge subsidies to alternative fuel development – expensive electricity, and biofuels. It's an "audacious plan to restructure the economy" through Washington DC. No mention of the methods we use now to produce electricity, such as oil, gas and coal. No mention of nuclear.

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