btc_logo_smallerThe idea is simple.

Since deforestation accounts for 20% of the carbon dioxide that humans produce and there are 50% more carbon dioxide contained in trees than in the atmosphere, it only makes sense to plant trees. The goal: 7 billion trees. You can enter your pledge or learn about this UN initiative.

Since first agreed at the 2006 Climate Change Conference in Nairobi, Kenya the billion tree goal has been enlarged to two billion trees and then late last week, to seven billion trees. This is possible because the campaign has been so well accepted. In 18 months, tree plantings have taken on new energy in 155 countries around the world:

  •  In a single day in Uttar Pradesh, India, 10.5 million trees were planted.
  • 35 million young people in Turkey have been mobilized to plant trees.
  • 500,000 schoolchildren in sub-Saharan Africa and the United Kingdom have become engaged.

 Let's get planting!

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