In a study I completed in the summer of 2006, 187 business executives provided insights into the role of mobile phones in their jobs.

In this study, we described four enterprise mobility features and asked respondents to rate their usefulness on a five point scale: Not at all useful, not useful, neither not useful or useful, useful, very useful. 

  • Call Screening is the notification of incoming calls with the option to determine call disposition such as send to voicemail, or forward to a coworker
  • Instant Messaging is the ability to determine the availability of a coworker (presence) and to use text messaging instead of actually calling that person
  • Directory Search is the ability to perform corporate directory lookups from a mobile phone
  • Group Call is the establishment of an instant conference call for a pre-determined group who are invited to participate in a call immediately.

Here are the useful ratings:

How useful are the following features to your company? 


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