mbta_westborough Here's a photo of me (and Flat Stanley, the traveling 3rd grade project) at the MBTA's Westborough station in November 2007. Ah, the early morning commute in Boston is something I've learned to enjoy, but don't get to do very often anymore, but will in about six weeks during the period June 9-12, 2008. 

That week, I'll be getting off at South Station and hiking northeast to the Boston Convention Center for the Enterprise 2.0 conference. I met with Steve Wylie, the GM of the show who briefed me on what to expect.

The goal of the conference/exhibit is to help users transform their companies through social computing. Steve's expecting some 1200-1500 participants this year, which is the largest ever in the 4 years of the show's operation. At one time it was the Enterprise Collaboration Conference.

Among the speakers include executives from the CIA, Sony PlayStation, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Google, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, EMC and Alcatel-Lucent. It should be fun.  

My plan is to listen to the speakers, meet the vendors and write about all of it here in this blog. 


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