Last week, I had the opportunity to check out WiMaxWorld, the TrendsMedia event which stopped at the World Trade Center in Boston Oct 11-14, 2006.  I attended a whole day session hosted by Yankee Group and visited the exhibit floor.

The show floor

Although the show floor was pretty small, it was packed with people. Most booths were of the 10×10 or 10×20 variety, yet the classic anchor tenants – Motorola, Nokia Networking Systems, Nortel – occupied much larger territories.

I didn’t discover until I got to Boston that the event organizer’s office is in Northborough – just about a mile from my house! Serves me right though, they were acquired by the Yankee Group right before the show began.

The exhibit floor, however, was full of vendors hawking their antennae, access point and networking products. It was all about spectrum, coverage models and hardware. I didn’t see many software solutions companies. I did see a few systems integrators and even one reseller who positioned Trapeze equipment on a pod in their booth.

I also met up with my friends at BelAir Networks and Siemens.

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