You’re probably in the same place I was in March 2017. I was staring at my name-brand so-called ‘professional’ advisor’s quarterly report. It was about half of the performance of the S&P 100 index. I was disappointed. I was mad. And to top it all off, my wife reminded me, we still paid them 1% for that poor performance!

Time for new thinking. “You’re so FIRED!”

My brother Wilf said to me, what are you going to invest in? I was going to invest in an Index Fund. At least I could meet the Index. You deserve better, he said. Wouldn’t you rather BEAT the Index? Yes I would, I said and the rest is history.

That’s why I built this app with his financial analysis know-how. Wilf is the CEO of Brockmann Analytics and Trading who created the Brockmann Method. This app, Beyond ETFs, brings his knowledge together with the discipline of a machine’s software system to share market insights and let you know the score.

Our goal – beat the S&P 100 index! With Beyond ETFs, subscribers can see for themselves the score and satisfy themselves that they CAN do better than 7/8 fund managers and beat the S&P Index too.

Why the S&P 100? The S&P 100 are only the finest of all US companies – they’re name-brands. You’ve heard of every one of them. They’re not going away. Some have dividends, some don’t. All are public and in the ‘mega-cap’ category.

We use “Price Momentum” – the flows of good money into and out of these stocks – to rank order the stocks of the Index. Where one stock fits compared to others in the Index gives us the confidence to place them in the BUY* ZONE, the DON’T BUY MORE ZONE and below the SELL* THRESHOLD. This approach gives our subscribers the two most important bits of financial information that every investor needs to know:
• when to sell
• what to buy

And it comes to the iPhone Beyond ETFs app every day.

This is so that you can go BEYOND Exchange Traded Funds (Beyond ETFs) to the natural next step – your own, personally-managed and controlled, Self-Directed Fund. That’s what you’re joining, a new way to cut through the clutter of financial news and do what’s right for you, when it’s right to do it. Let’s beat the index together! Download Beyond ETFs today!

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