Customers Know Best

Where else can you get customer insights? We have always been a big fan of learning from and learning about customers. Just about any marketing challenge, positioning question can and must be considered from the customers’ viewpoint. That’s a perspective you can’t learn in business school, but only from customers themselves.

Our approach to customer insight is based on over 20 years experience as an engineer, quality engineer, product marketer, business development executive and more recently as a research director for a leading analyst firm. The customer insight model is simple: provide pearls of insight into customer needs and actions by gathering the views of hundreds of customers. Compare and contrast the various perspectives, analyze and report on the findings and be prepared to explain how the ‘Emperor has no clothes’ if necessary. This is the best kind of customer insight research – Comparative research into the competitors’ customers or the potential customers of our vendor clients.

This is much more than anecdotal recitation. We provide statistical analysis and believe that data about the user experience is a most powerful of all customer insights. Our motto from Dr W. Edwards Deming: In God we trust, all others bring data.

User Organization Services

Brockmann & Company offers services to provide fact-based implementation consulting services for global user organizations. Our practical ideas for implementing corporate goals addressing:

  • Unified communications or video conferencing consumption in lieu of business travel
  • Improving Green performance
  • Accelerating mobile applications

while overcoming regional cultural challenges are based on sound team-based problem solving skills first learned two decades ago as a Quality Circle facilitator and honed with experience as a process engineer, marketing executive and change agent. These skills enable higher business performance as proven with the Brockmann & Company research program.

Customer Insight Research Goals & Topics

The Brockmann & Company research agenda is centered around investigating user challenges in communications equipment, services and applications. We plan to conduct several studies in 2007 and 2008 covering enterprise communications and collaboration including email security, VoIP quality, telepresence, mobility and unified communications. We also plan to write thought leadership briefs on open source IP PBX, IP phones and anti-spam technologies.

Our vendor clients support our research program to create customer-education content and to learn from the experiences of their customers and their competitors’ customers. Our blinded research methodology assures the highest quality research and quality consulting. The Brockmann & Company can also conduct blinded private studies.

Customer Insight Services

Brockmann & Company delivers four services for our clients:

  • Advisory services provides access to the analysts, access to the data and periodic strategy briefings on the market and competition.
  • Research services provides customer insights gained from statistical analysis and both online and telephone market research.
  • Consulting services allows Brockmann & Company staff to engage in the execution of strategy, marketing or business development as appropriate. Assignments can be to provide the thought leadership to launch a new product, or to provide the channel development plan and materials to support a new product, or as a strategic assessor of a merger candidate for example.
  • Marketing services leverages the network of services known to Brockmann & Company to generate leads and reach users. Content for web site optimizations or reports hosted through various partner web sites may be a component of this service portfolio.

We allow the marketing executive the opportunity to gain unbiased customer insight with which to improve the effectiveness of the marketing effort and therefore the productivity of the sales organization.

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