It's a Telephone VoIP Adapter – digital, analog – who cares, right?

While at VoiceCon, I met with Leigh Fatzinger, the VP Marketing and Michael Burke, the SVP Sales and Marketing of this London-publicly traded company. Early in Citel's life, the company became a supplier of legacy phone gateway cards for 3Com NBX in the late 1990s. It was these technologies that made Norstar and Meridian handsets work on the same IP PBX, something that Nortel couldn't do. 

In any event, Leigh and Michael pushed hard to explain the great progress that Citel has made since the beginning of the decade:

  • a. 70,000+ ports shipped.
  • b. Hosted service integration – Sylantro, BroadSoft, MetaSwitch, Avaya.
  • c. Enterprise IP PBX – 3Com, Avaya.
  • d. Tier 3 service providers that need to position their service without requiring a customer RIP of the installed PBX infrastructure.
  • e. Now they ship a SIP-based TVA that opens the market significantly for them.

The Primary target market is systems of 20-100 stations. The hosted service providers targetting this space need to provide options for their customers including keeping their phones (after all, it is 1/2 the total cost of a new system anyways).