For most investors, the two biggest investment decisions are when to SELL*? and what to BUY*?

When to SELL* is an issue because a stock might have done well for us and we think it is still a good company. We hang onto losers way too long.

What to BUY* is an issue because there are so many choices. There are 3,812 publicly listed companies in the US, some 15,000 stocks traded over the counter and a total of some 50,000 around the world. But exactly how many of these are even worth the time to consider, let alone worth the effort to purchase a share?

These are no longer issues for Beyond ETFs subscribers.

Subscribers know when to SELL* because they received an Apple Push Notification message from Brockmann & Company that told them that there is a new version of the rank ordering of the S&P 100 available. Inspecting the Zone Changes part of the app tells them what stocks are in the BUY* zone and DON’T BUY MORE* zone. Tapping the My Scorecard gives the subscriber their stock that have passed the SELL* threshold.

Subscribers know what to BUY* because they know that the stocks in the BUY* zone are regularly rank-ordered as the stocks with the highest levels of Price Momentum.