Audio conferencing is a collaboration workhorse service.

The service is of strategic business importance since it is rated very important to business success by 63% of the Audio Conferencing Panel. In terms of importance to job performance, audio conferencing is as important as face-to-face meetings. This is because of its simple activation, reliable operation and ability to enable ubiquitous participation. After all, there are 4 billion people with telephones now, and that’s all a participant needs to join. Landline, mobile phone or computer with VoIP works equally well.

This report shows how audio conferencing is a productivity driver and cost reducer, something our global economy needs to accelerate the recovery from this nasty recession.

The Brockmann & Company Audio Conferencing Panel also provided hundreds of suggestions for improving their audio conferencing experience. These were categorized into five major groupings which are presented and discussed in this report.

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