Early in my career, at a prospective job interview with the CFO of Husky (an injection molding machine manufacturer in Canada and Austria), I was asked point blank, ‘are you a spin doctor?’

“Of course I am”, I replied. I always look at the best way to position something. And today, I saw the worst way.

The Congressional Budget Office, the US Congress’ non-partisan calculator of future costs, enrollees and such futurizing, reported that 24 million Americans will no longer have health insurance coverage. Of course, the headlines in the papers were that “24 million Americans to lose Healthcare Insurance by 2025.” Arghhh.

The correct positioning would have reminded people, that under Obamacare, 30 million people had been forced to buy health insurance or faceĀ a tax penalty – something that an estimated 24 million people will choose NOT TO DO in 2025. The consequences of Freedom is that sometimes people CHOOSE to do something that you disagree with. Sometimes people CHOOSE to not purchase health insurance. I don’t know why that should be a big deal for Republicans or anyone interested in freedom. Democrats should be reminded that among the features of Obamacare that people hated were the lack of healthcare options (range of deductibles, conditions not-covered, premiums) and the nastiness of the individual mandate. Goodbye big government. Hello personal choice of healthcare options.

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