Since 2010, Brockmann & Company has served the needs of a growing base of iOS users on our own account and on behalf of clients. We create compelling user experiences to address select opportunities for customer interaction and information services. We are an innovative iOS software engineering firm in Marlborough MA. Many of our apps have been marketed under the ‘Digital Hermosa’ brand and have been leaders in their categories.

Founded by Peter Brockmann in 2006, Brockmann & Company has been a market research analyst and consultant in the communications equipment, service and systems industries. Following the Great Recession of 2008-2009, the firm re-focused on addressing opportunities in the iOS software applications and engineering services market. Brockmann has been employed as an iOS engineer by Apple, Staples, Verizon and has worked with startups on their proof of concepts and Minimum Viable Product.

More recently, Brockmann & Company is focusing on the Beyond ETFs Pro app for iPhone and iPad as a channel for insightful self-investing.

Brockmann Analytics and Trading is a broker advisory firm focused on assisting financial advisors in providing superior returns for their clients. Wilf Brockmann founded BAT in 2016.

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