wavepowerI have always had a lot of respect for wave power because of its  several advantages over other renewable sources of energy:

  • it's in abundant supply since 2/3 of the planet surface is covered with water, so it doesn't depend on fickle wind currents
  • it's available near where major markets are since most major cities are located on lakes or on the ocean, so the distribution network will be shorter than most hydro-electric projects built around dams and big heads, which are usually near mountains or rugged, remote terrain
  • it's 24 x 7 and therefore not daylight dependent
  • the technology is readily available in that it's all about converting mechanical motion into electrical energy

An early adopter for this technology apparently uses a framework as shown in my graphic at left (the website is one page and doesn't talk about the technology) is Resolute Marine Energy. Resolute was written up in a recent edition of Mass High Tech newspaper. The company is a startup focused on deploying its prototype data collection system some 2 miles off Newburyport. 

Although this initial test which is to take place over a week will provide the performance data necessary to power an aquaculture initiative, the potential to power offshore drilling rigs, offshore pumping stations and even off-grid islands.

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