y3So, further to the letter I wrote to Jerry Yang, CEO of Yahoo! about how to change the search game here are a few more thoughts…


The way to assure that advertisers know when things are up, or down or neutral is through technology like that found with Attensity software, or Boolean-based spam filtering software (which doesn't work as spam filter) to assign a score combining adjectives with product names and verbs. In this way, the blogosphere rating of sites that are positive can be provided ads to capture the order while those blogs that are negative can be presented with links to comparison information.

Differentiating ads for differentiating contexts of search, but with a time dimension to assure that the sites in each listing are mixed. Imagine a search where you set a slide bar from -1 to +1 and entered your search term and it gave you blog search results and advertisements from companies mentioned in the blog posts. 

That's what I'm talking about. 

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