bcs_logo_smallPartnering originally with Cable & Wireless and now iFormata, the Public Switched Video Network initiative, led by BCS Global is gaining momentum.

The announcement, made April 20, 2010 strengthens the multi-service provider framework that aims to facilitate video conferencing service providers and carriers to seamlessly inter-connect their B2B Video Exchanges to a Public Global B2B Video Network, not unlike the evolution of the Public Switched Telephone Network.

The new relationship between BCS and iFormata defines a set of standards and procedures whereby the customers of either MVSP can leverages their combined infrastructure and capabilities, share best practices, value added applications, and create automated processes to increase the scale of possible connections, improve the reliability and quality of inter-company communications and reduce the operational burden of supporting inter-company sessions.

Brockmann & Company wrote about the PSVN in the Exchange Review.

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